building a tapestry of relationships across Canada

All ages, stages and backgrounds.
Connecting as a human family by gathering and being together.
Changing the world through choosing love.
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Join us as we travel community-to-community across Canada this summer.

We will be exploring:

  • What it looks, sounds, and feels like to gather and act with love;

  • How to consciously work with our fears; and

  • How to organize as an intergenerational community around the needs of children and the most vulnerable.

We are aiming to expand on the traditional sense of community, and are connecting with people to form a tapestry of relationships across Canada.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to choose love and participate.

Get involved by joining, sharing, or contributing!


Be a part of choosing
love and unity: 

We plan to travel across Canada and gather together for simple gatherings. We accept invitations from people across Canada to join them in their communities, and will do our best to schedule as many gatherings and short stop-overs as possible, as we travel coast to coast.

We will gather together to:

  • Eat and play,

  • Treat each other with love and kindness,

  • Engage in stimulating conversations and processes, and

  • Be witness to the individual gifts each of us brings as we gather.


There are many ways to support and get involved in this initiative, including contributing financial support.


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