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As humans, we share the common value of LOVE. As individuals, we aim to act with love, kindness, gratitude, appreciation, care, contentment, compassion, etc. as much as possible. It is especially important that we love ourselves and show ourselves as much compassion as possible when we make errors and when we experience fear. We are ever-developing our awareness regarding our individual experiences with fear, anger, jealously, judgement, resentment, vengefulness, etc. The more we are aware of our fears, the more we can consciously work with them, heal them and transform them. It is our intentions to CHOOSE LOVE more and more as we work with our fear. Each individual will transform the relationships around them as they consciously engage with fear and CHOOSE LOVE, and this will change the world.


We are aiming to inter-relate and build relationships with everyone and anyone. We are interested in the beautiful gifts each of us offers as different individual humans. We are interested in what connects us and unifies us as humans. We believe unity is found in LOVE.

We are not aligned with any specific organizations or communities.

We have requested that people share our initiative with their networks, to encourage individuals to get involved and CHOOSE LOVE. We are aligning with any and all individual humans, couples and families that come forward to gather and be together in love and kindness. It is our intention to align with the hearts of individual humans, and to support unity among everyone.

We are demonstrating to the children that there is a great sense of hope in the world. As individual humans, we have the power to make a difference in this now. As we gather together as one or more loving humans, we begin to transform the world around us. We are actively building a world of LOVE, UNITY, and HOPE.

Who are we?

This began with the Fraser family in Victoria, British Columbia. This expanded to involve the Besher family, and many other people are excitedly joining us as we share the idea and our intentions. This is a movement of the people, a movements of individuals choosing to gather together with the intention to embody love.


Why are we doing this?

We want to positively and proactively respond to the general experience of division over the last ten or more years. Our primary aim is to support connection and unity through embodying love, collectively working together, and developing a tapestry of relationship across Canada. We hope to inspire and empower people to CHOOSE LOVE and continue the unifying action of building tapestries of relationship at all levels of society.

Our initiative is based on the values of:

  • Unity and equality

  • Peace

  • Love and positivity

  • Working together

  • Making decisions in relation to the needs of children and the most vulnerable

What are we doing?

We are exploring how we can live, work and learn together as an intergenerational community as we travel together across Canada. We will be visiting major cities and hubs, as well as stopping in smaller communities. We will gather with Canadians to eat, play and experience joy together. At the core of our actions is the intention to CHOOSE LOVE and consciously work with our experiences of fear.

We are also exploring alternative ways of being as families, including how to best nurture the developing human. Our decisions are measured in regards to the needs of the children and most vulnerable. What is best for the child is good for the adult, the converse is not necessarily always true.



We will be travelling in campers and tents as part of a love caravan and will gather together in or around the large city hubs, and smaller communities. 

These gatherings will include:

  • Fun games to develop a sense of community;

  • Holding a potluck, based on each individual bringing an offering of any size; and

  • engaging in further processes to explore self love, awareness of fear, and how to CHOOSE LOVE in our daily interactions.


We might also:

  • ​Use Open Space Technology to engage in stimulating conversations, and

  • Engage in other activities as people bring their gifts and leadings forward.

Come join us and:

  • Be the change – choose love, and consciously work with fear.

  • Choose to focus on what connects us: love, children and hope for the future.

  • Make a positive impact today.

  • Come get involved.

When are we starting?

We are beginning in the summer of 2022 with smaller gatherings on Vancouver Island; see our calendar for more information.


We are self-funding this initiative, and are accepting donations in support of this initiative moving across Canada. We have begun a fundraising campaign and are collecting resources.

We are seeking:

  • Funding support (for gas, site expenses, etc.)

  • Event infrastructure (e.g., tents, tables, etc.)

  • Venues for hosting

  • Venues for camping

  • We greatly accept other resources and support!


  • Games to develop a sense of community,

  • A potluck to gather together around our basic needs, and

  • Further activities to explore ways of choosing love.

University Students

Gatherings will include:

What are we about?

  • Unity and equality

  • Peace

  • Love and positivity

  • Working together

  • Centred around the needs of children and the most vulnerable

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